GIF IT UP 2022

GIF IT UP 2022

October is GIFITUP month, where libraries, art institutes, and museums around the world encourage GIF-makers and cultural heritage fans to deep dive into open-access digital collections to create new and engaging content AND enter the international contest. The best thing?

It's really easy to do, no matter your skill set. Check out our resources on our State Library of Queensland Wiki, listed below!

If you need access to computers and software, our Digital Media Lab in the Edge building is a great resource, learn more here

State Library GIFs

We've created and collected a range of GIFs using the State Library's open access images


Learn the basics of using Photoshop

Our make a GIF with Photoshop quick guide - Make a GIF

Our Story Lab animation workshop covers some simple GIF making - Animation Mash Up

Read our blog on basic GIF making and GIFITUP

Read our blog on advanced GIF making and more background on GIFs

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