Tabletop Christmas Tree with LEDs

Tabletop Christmas Tree with LEDs

This workshop was devised as a Christmas special in 2017, and reprised the next year.

Laser cut 3mm acrylic parts are held together with locating rings, though a few spots of acrylic glue are usually needed to make it stable. The multilayer base is held together with clips, also cut from 3mm acrylic, and a coin cell battery held in place with tape.

A simple circuit (without a switch) brings power from a CR 2032 coin cell battery to an LED at the top of the tree. If battery safety is a concern, then the multi-layer battery holder made in the base of the three can be glued over, but this makes battery replacement problematic.

Contact between wires and the battery terminals is assisted by using sticky tape to fix the bared ends of the wires in place.

A battery will last about 24h (depending on the colour of the LED).


Design files:

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