Mask Workshop Series


The Mask workshop series grew out of the Zoomorphic Masks Try It workshops that were delivered in first half of the 2016 calendar and were subsequently conceived as a block of three workshops for the core workshop. These initial were developed and delivered by visual artists and educator Sapina Ralie. The original Brief for these workshops is attached here 20150831zoomorphmasks_try_it_brief_.docx

The original activity which was very hands-on, engaging and required no special skills, was seen as a gateway to developing technical skills. See Mask 1 Lesson Plan zoomorphic_activity_schedule.doc

  • Mask 2 - Digital Fabrication - converting a hand made prototype to reproducible, scalable and remixable digital design.
  • Mask 3 - Basic electronics - add basic micro controlers and actuators to animate ( lighting, sound and movement) a sculptural form.

Mask 2 Outline

On the outside the the Mask workshop, at least in the current form, looks very similar to masks 1 because the practical output the workshop is an attractive corrugated cardboard mask depicting an endangered species held together staples and hot glue. The difference is in the skills developed and time spent. Masks 2 is about developing basic skills and knowledge in Adobe Illustrator and the use of the Laser cutter to turn a prototype like the original masks and turn it into a digital design that can be adapted, remixed and is reproducible. See the Workshop Lesson plan produced so that Anna Gerber 20150831zoomorphmasks_try_it_brief_.docx Participants also get their Laser induction which serves the object of having more workshop participants return to use equipment during open lab.

Mask 2 Materials

These materials are per participant if not specified otherwise.


Tools required during the workshop. It is not required that one of each is supplied for participants but one tool per two participants is preferred.



Illustrator Files:




Corel Files




SVG files

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