Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard

Idea from: Billie Ruben -March 2021 Build a numb pad or mechanical keyboard

Why I think it's a good idea: Really great first project for electronics/arduino. Teaches soldering and other basic skills. Really great open source tools already in existence/widely used that we can leverage. Extremely high interest in keyboards generally in maker community of late. Many of the tools here are wonderful for making them (laser, electronics, 3d printers) so will bring back repeate people hopefully. No workshops currently planned that would incorporate an electronics induction for 2022, this would be an easy one to pull together. Existing local keyboard communities we could bring into the space (Discord Brisbane group, UQ keyboard club, etc)

Could in future lead into a keycap makig workshop (if resin printers are sorted out) which could teach CAD, resin printing, casting. Maker community around aus keebs is good, and surprisingly profitable. This could seed many small businesses.

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