IoT CNC Possum Boxes

IoT CNC Possum Boxes

Making possum boxes with cameras/ sensors connected to IoT, could collab with the museum for info about possum boxes or even to help gather data on the possums. Could also see if any universities would be interested in getting involved. coupld be an opportunity for research exp for someone.

A friend of Billie's wanted to start a similar project for Greater Gliders, and also has loads of teaching/making exp and would make a good facilitator for this series (Billie can provide contact). And Billie has a possum that's been loitering around her garden for the last few months and is in need of a home (mum's kicked it off her back!)

Great opportunity for general, electronics and CNC induction, maybe even 3D printing. Could also have cool social opportunities, we can share the design heavily and get a little community going. :)

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