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Participants will be able to design there own skateboard deck from a few basic designs(Penny, Cruiser or Long board) as well as complete a CNC induction.

Activity Summary

The workshop is not limited to people who ride skateboards but those who embrace the DIY attitude and culture of skateboarding and designs could also be used as wall mount piece(Maybe a clock or laser etched artwork).The idea is to use offcuts and salvaged parts to create something unique and personalized as well as engaging with a younger audience and there parents.

The skills gained include

  • Designing a tool path for a board using Enroute
  • CNC induction
  • Creating graphics for stencils or laser etching in Adobe Illustrator

(The initial version of this workshop will be using offcuts for creating flat “cruiser style” boards but I have also designed a mold in Fusion 360 for pressing “blanks” with concave and kicks which can also be made of offcuts and cut on the CNC…WATCH THIS SPACE!!!)


Varied lengths of Plywood Depending of size of board

1xPair of Trucks

1xSet of Wheels

1x Set of Bearings

1x set(8) of Nuts and bolts



CNC Machine



Step Zero:

Hand out CNC Induction paperwork to particpants.

  • Safety
  • Machine components
  • CNC Start Up
  • Tool paths
  • Moving Designs to Machine-Output
  • Loading a Tool

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

Step Four:

Step Five: Troubleshooting

Step Six: References

Production notes

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