Corporate TeamBuilding Workshops - Laser Cut Lampshade

The Edge has been asked to come up with a team building workshop offer for corporate clients. The first concept is to develop a fancy version of the Illustrator for Laser Workshop

And here's how that turned out.

Prototype Zero

Design Process

Find an image on line or draw one. In Illustrator convert the image to a one colour logo in and Resize/scale the image to fit on the Lamp Template according to taste.

Now Add bands of white (no Line colour) around the slots and the side of each panel copy and paste these and the motif into and new illustrator doc and export as a PNG

The Bands of white round the slot holes/ sides of each panel ensure that the integrity of the panel is maintained.


This makes for a more pro look and is stronger

Open the png in Photoshop and use the cutout filter to add these bands of white to the artwork. Export as a PNG again and import back into your lamp template in illustrator. Live trace the motif set the line thickness and colour for cutting.

You are ready to cut now.

Total time for cutting is 9.30 which is probably to much for a corporate event but this could be reduced by precutting the panels and then cutting motifs in a template/jig

here are the files

bonsai_lampplywood.cdr bonsai_lampcentre.cdr bonsai_lamp.cdr

Assembly Process

Once you have your cut panel weed the waste and arrange in order with the presentation side down. Spray the timber with adhesive and place tracing paper making sure all bubles of air are pushed out. Carefully cut around outside perimeter of panel and the slot holes for the lamp bracket. install lamp fixture into clear acrylic lamp bracket and test for operation.

wrap panels around lamp bracket and hot glue

Fit top and bottom

Parametric Modelled Versions

This is a parametric version of the lamp prototype Zero so we can change size/material(but not number of sides) easily.

You can check out the model in your browser.

The available parameters are:

Fitting_heightmm65 mmHeight of the light fitting, including cord
fitting_diammm28 mmdiameter of the fitting thread
materialmm4 mmThickness of the material
globe_diammm30 mmThis sets our minimum lamp width
side_widthmm400.5 mmtotal of all sides summed
face_widthmmside_width / 6The width of each face/panel
number_of_sides6set to 6 - don't change this!
tabmmface_width / 3the width of each tab - the depth is determined by the material.
Lipmmmaterial * 2how far the top and bottom protude over the sides.
lamp_hieghtmmFitting_height + bulb_height + bulb_gapThe total height of the lamp.
bulb_heightmm60 mmBulb height
bulb_gapmm130 mmgap between top of bulb and to of lamp - should be at least 30mm
cord_diammm7.5 mmfatness of the cord
fitting_threadmm28 mmUsed for the diameter of the hole in the fitting frame (the middle bit)

Prototype One

Prototype One is a version adapted for 4mm card, with the side width reduced to fit two lamps per standard size laser cutter sheet.

The fusion 360 model.

Prototype Two

This version uses living hinges and snap fit joints - from 3mm acrylic and 6mm double-ply cardboard.


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