Copying a beloved garment (patternmaking for sewing)

Copying a beloved garment (patternmaking for sewing)

Have an old shirt or dress that is falling to bits but you can't bear to part with it because you love it so much? Why not breathe new life into it by duplicating it?

Idea from: Billie Ruben -March 2021

techniques for copying a sewing pattern from an existing garment.

could also incorporate sewing it together as a multi-part workshop.

Why I think it's a good idea: Will bring more ladies in (suiting diversity/inclusion goals) will also hopefully get some men into sewing too, so good in both ways.

This is a question I get often personally, and something that is hard to find good resources online for.

It's a great way for someone to get into making patterns for sewing, which opens up lots of further opportunities for them, making their own designs.

This is something I can pull together from existing knowledge.

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