Workshop Guidelines

Workshop Guidelines

This guide is for those developing and presenting workshops for the Applied Creativity team and The Edge, State Library of Queensland.


So we’ve asked you to develop or present a workshop and use the SLQ Wiki to document and present your workshop, so how does it all work? Hopefully this guide will take you through everything you need to know.

Step 1. Type of Workshop

We run our workshops via a series of try and test development processes.

  • Prototype the workshop
  • Trial the workshop
  • Public presentation of the workshop once successfully trialed

On the SLQ Wiki you will find these sections listed under the Workshops & Inductions section;

The Wiki main page -

The Workshop section - Workshops and Inductions

If you’re reading through this guide, you’re probably at the Prototype stage, get in touch if you need to confirm.

Step 2. Workshop Template

Continuity and maintaining a similar flow for all our workshops is something we would really like to achieve so we’ve created a basic template to help guide you.

There are two ways you can create a new workshop.

When you scroll to the bottom of the Prototype Workshop Wiki page, there is an option to start a new workshop which uses our template;

2022-23 Laser cut covers, hand sewn spines - bookbinding

Or if you prefer, you can recreate the template using the source and adding your new workshop name after the URL;*add the name here

Link to the Workshop Template

Step 3. Follow the template

  • Just update the sections for your workshop making sure to add photos and embed any videos as you go.
  • You can also set up the Wiki entry to run as a slideshow
  • If you would also like to include a slideshow presentation of your own, you can use whatever you like to make the slides, just make sure to save as a PDF and upload to the workshop Wiki page in the download section. If it is a Powerpoint presentation then you will need to request the SLQ templates.
  • If you do make a video, keep the final size below 92mb if you intend to upload to the Wiki, and please include the following slide at the end of the video. Download that here
  • You can also embed the video however we will need to host it on the Edge Vimeo channel, contact staff for further info.
  • The font that SLQ uses for titles and headings is Gotham Narrow in Medium, Book and Light, please see the SLQ website for reference.
  • Attribute images you are using, even if they are your own.

Step 4. Style and Formatting

SLQ Wiki Basics

SLQ Wiki - Basics

Wiki Formatting Syntax

The official dokuwiki syntax can be found in the link below, this will help you with formatting and making your page look great!

Formatting Syntax

Style Guide

You may also want to read through the following style guide which covers things like tone and conventions.

SLQ Wiki Contributors Guidelines

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