Blockbots Meetup Program

So I've decided (unilaterally) that the Blockbots meetup will be working towards an end goal state from day one. It worked for Hack the Evening, which started life as a meetup with a purpose of creating an outcome, and it will work here.

The Outcome

The outcome will be a Blockbot Racing League championship. It will start with teams assembled from the State Library of Queensland and spin out to other library spaces. The spinning out requires us to get the platform properly sorted and ready for a larger scale fabrication run (500+).

To do this the Blockbot Meetups will be a series of short (45 minutes) and longer workshops coupled with time to build, test and refine the Blockbots for racing. These workshops will include:

  • Blockbot design
  • Blockbot hacking
  • Blockbot racing
  • Costume design (cosplay)
  • Video and Sound Production
    • Because there will be entrance music and smash video intro.
  • Track design and fabrication
  • Poster design
  • Event planning and management
  • Team management and team supporting
  • Marketing and comms

The outcome will be a half day event held in The Edge auditorium where the teams will gather to race for the championship. This will be half esport tournament/half Royal Rumble. There will be audience and there will be colour commentary. The event will be streamed online with all the enthusiasm of a WWE pay per view.

Ideally this event will happen Saturday 18th January 2020

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