Changing tooling and loading material


Changing tooling

  • Remove dust shoe.
  • Locate appropriate spanner for collet
  • While pressing down yellow 'Spindle Lock' button, loosen collet to remove previous tooling.

    Tooling can be surprisingly sharp and very easy to catch fingers on.
    Be careful!
    If your not comfortable doing this, please ask a supervisor.

  • Insert and tighten up new tooling, changing collet if required.
  • Reinstall dust shoe, being careful of sharp tool.
  • Press 'Reset' then 'Home' to realign machine to zero.

Zeroing Z(tool) height

Automatic (Preferred)

  1. Place Z-Probe brass pad under tool, clipping lead to tooling and plugging in(Next to router, right side)
  2. Press 'Z-Probe' button wait for cycle to complete.
  3. Unplug, unclip and put away Z-Probe hardware.

Manual (Expert Only)

Click to display ⇲

Click to hide ⇱

  1. Lower until tool touches bed or work. Use a piece of paper to check.
  2. Press 'Zero Z' button.
  3. Raise Z at least 10mm to clear bed/work

When your done, Press ('Safe Position')
button to move machine out of the way.

Loading Material

  1. Align material with front left 'home' position.
  2. Think about how material will move, what your cut path is and where it will go.

    Large sheets tend to flex and lift as they are cut. Soft materials will move.
    Placing screws as close as is safely possible the job is preferable to just putting a few around the edges of the sheet.

  3. Secure to the bed using wood screws and cordless drill

    Pre-drilling holes before screwing allows the screws to pull the material down against the waste board for better holding

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