Aldi 3d printer

Aldi 3d printer


Aldi's new 'mini' 3D printer Cocoon Create Model Maker: A rebrand of the 'Wanhao i3 Duplicator Mini'



  • Minimial software instructions beond a very few 'getting started' pages.
  • NO HEATED BED. So can't print ABS. PLA or PETG will be your main materials.
  • No dedicated cooling fan, so fine detail can be tricky.
  • Due to being a clone, hotend is PTFE lined rather than all metal so print temperature is limited to 140 continuous and 160 for limited times.

Example prints


Instead of using cura/slic3r and an SD card, we are trying Matterhacker's 'Matter control' 3d printing software that works over USB.


Settings and Controls → Settings → Printer Switch to 'Basic' to 'Advanced'

  • Connection:
    • Baud Rate: 250,000
  • Print area:
    • Bed Size: 120×135
    • Print center: 60×65
    • Build Height: 100
  • Features:
    • Has Fan
    • Has SD Card
  • Extruder:
    • Nozzle Diameter: 0.3mm



Replace 0.4 with 0.3mm for finer printing.

Requires no modification or parts, uses existing fan but gives no controllable cooling.


Requires minor wiring changes and new parts but allows for a proper controlled cooling fan.


  • Should be possible to upgrade bed to a heated one using cheap parts. This requires 3d printer and electronics knowledge and is not recommended for most users.
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