Arduino ADC based touch sensor

Arduino ADC based touch sensor


Using the Arduino's built in ADC(Analog to Digital Converters) along with libraries originally based on Atmel's QTouch technology to create 'free' capacitive touch sensors using either zero or ultra low(I you include copper tape and a resistor or two) cost capacitive touch sensors that can work as bare copper, covered with tape or through 1.5mm acrylic.


  • Arduino Nano (Though any AVR based Arduino works)
  • Copper tape/foil
  • Wire
  • Substrate: Cardboard or laser cut acrylic.
  • 1k resistors. (Optional but recommended)
  • MP3 player module. (Optional)
  • Neopixel strip (optional)


  • One Byron
  • Time

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Progress to date

Proof of concept

Cardboard base, roughly cut contacts made from wide and narrow self adhesive copper tape then covered with packing tape.

Electronics hot glued in place and everything soldered together quickly.

Neopixel strip and MP3 player are for feedback.

Demonstration board

Laser cut version. Copper tape on back of 1.5mm acrylic. 3mm acrylic frame and back.

MP3 player, 3 neopixels for status, two neopixels for backlight illumination under each pad.

Hot glue. Solder.


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Project Progress

Project Percent Complete Project Lead Status Budget Req Budget Approved Next Major Milestone Subsequent Milestones to complete
Test Page 90% Byron Play with $0
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