> Hack the Evening Projects

> Hack the Evening Projects

Here are the current, proposed and finished projects from the Hack the Evening group.

Please only create projects here if they are finished or nearly completed and you are just documenting them.

For any actual new projects please use: Works in Progress

Project Audits

HtE Project Progress Audit

Project Percent Complete Project Lead Status Budget Req Budget Approved Next Major Milestone Subsequent Milestones to complete
Vending Machine 10% Hayden Redesign ? > $50 CNC session to be booked
Acrylic Offcut Shelves 20% Hayden Waiting On CNC > $50 CNC session to be booked
3D printing Display Plinth 30% Hayden Waiting On CNC > $50 CNC session to be booked
Leapfrog Printer 20% Hayden On Pause ( Hardware Required ? ) > $50 Get it moving
Prusa i3 Printers 1 & 2 80% Bryon Pause Beta Complete ~ $20 Software and Calibration to be completed - Documentation - Dev Induction Learning Materials - Dev Engagement workshop
Prusa i3 Colour Printer 10% Andrew Partial build - Awaiting Components / Approvals > $100 Frame & Printer Head
Line Robot 30% Byron Alpha Test Complete > $50 Test working prototype
X Carve 95% Byron Waiting on Completion of Documentation - Public Documentation - Review Induction Learning Materials
Ciclop 3d Scanner 90% Andrew Was complete but requires a redesign & build work for Z axis > $55 Rework Design to integrate Z axis
Large Format Scanner 75% Andrew Waiting on some parts & fabrication work > $250
Hi Resolution Scanner 10% Andrew Requires further investigations into High Resolution cameras > $500 Will also need a computer that is able to scan @ higher resolutions …
Contra Cabinet 95% Byron Basic layout complete … > $10 All hardware is now operational …
Portable Spray Booth 95% Andrew Prototype Completed & operational … - Drawings Done … - Documentation to be updated - Induction Learning Materials - Dev Engagement workshop
Laser Material Display 60% Hayden Samples ? - Docmentation ?
Rotocaster 95% Byron Completed -
A4/5/6 Vacuum Formers 98% Andrew Completed -
A2 Vacuum Former 40% Andrew Prototype made up … ~$500 Awaiting arrival of materials Plan Out Project stages
Transparent Circuits 10% Byron Prototyping
Near Field Communication CheckIn System 80% Byron Paused waiting institutional approval
Acoustic Tool Wall 20% Hayden


Andrew Schulze, 2018/09/13 02:10
Note to Andrei : there should be a easier way to link the audit on each project, so you don't have repeat it here ...
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