> Works in Progress

> Works in Progress

Starting a New project

When you want to start a new proposal or begin development you can either

  • use the Hack the Evening Wiki template to create directly in the wiki or;
  • download the Open Document Textfile template and work offline.1)

Choosing a name

This is the docuwiki page name not your final title.

Try and keep it short but complete: 'colour3dprinter' is better than '3d printer for coloured art'

Once you create your page, make sure the first line is:

====== Actual Page Title Of Project ======

If it's only an idea or a note for the future, include “IDEA: ” at the start of the page title.

Using the Templates

Another way to do this is to open the editing window on the last project on the list by clicking the 'Edit“ button at the bottom.
At the very bottom of the editing window which appears, add your new project by pasting in the following:

( =====YOUR PROJECT NAME===== )

And then removing the brackets.
Save the change.

Now click on the 'edit' button immediately below your new section and in the editing window which appears, paste the following underneath the title.

Save the change. This will make a link to a page which has not been created yet (it will appear in red).

ODT import in currently disabled.
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