X-Carve User Guide and Operations





  • Don't put hands in machine.
    It hurts to have fingers cut off.

  • Wear clothes.
    It'd distracting to other users and against policy.

  • No loose clothing or long hair
    That really was a nice tshirt or scalp…

  • Don't cut anything you don't own.
    Think about how you would feel if it was your thing.

Required PPE

  • Hearing protection
    It's a better story to loose it at a rock concert than operating this machine

  • Eye protection
    The replacement ones are awful. It's not worth it.

  • Covered Shoes
    Something you should be wearing anyway.


  • Respirator
    Looks scary and protects your lungs.

  • All over body condom
    You can never be too safe.

Material Recommendations


  • Soft plastics
    • HDPE
    • LDPE
  • foams.
    • Dence Polystyrene
    • Light weight polystyrene
    • Expanded PVC
  • Cork.


  • Hard plastics
    • Acrylic
  • Wood
    • Plywood
    • Pine


  • Solid PVC (Tends to clog bits)
  • Leather (Fibrous. Cuts but clogs bits. Stinks.)


Machine start and verify basic operation

  1. Ensure work space is clear of tools, etc.
  2. To activate the machine, 'STOP' button needs to be lit up green, if this is not the case, turn red knob clockwise(direction arrows) until it pops up.
  3. Open or switch to Candle(Machine control software).
  4. Verify 'Machine Status' does NOT say 'Not Connected' ('Alarm' or 'Idle' is OK), if not contact Supervisor.
    Good: Bad:
  5. Press 'Reset' above the Emergency Stop button.
  6. Press 'Home' Machine will move to find end stops.
  7. Status should flash green 'Home' then display 'Idle', if not or if the machine makes grinding noises, doesn't home or has other problems contact Supervisor.
    Good: Bad:
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