Loading and running a job

Exporting from VCarve

  1. From 'Toolpaths' panel: ( make sure you have the correct panel switch over )
  2. Select 'Save Toolpath' Icon …
  3. Check 'X-Carve (mm) (*.nc)' Post Processor is selected
  4. Make sure the required toolpaths are selected.

    You can save different toolpaths that use different tools and change between them during a job.
    If you do this, it's best to plan ahead and do as few tool changes as needed.

  5. Press 'Save Toolpath(s) …' button.
  6. Save files Documents → Jobs → 'yourjobname.nc'

Exporting from Fusion 360

  1. Ask someone who is not Byron. (Maybe Hayden)

Running your job!

  1. In Candle, press 'Open'
  2. Review your job on the screen.
    1. Does it look right?
    2. Have you installed the correct tool for the job?
    3. Is the router's speed correct?
    4. Is the material secured?
    5. Does everyone have hearing and eye protection ready?
  3. Get final supervisor check

    Make sure everyone in the room knows your about to turn the machine on and to put on their hearing protection.

  4. Turn on Dust extraction (Verify)
  5. Turn on router (Verify)
  6. Press 'Send'

    You must stay and supervise your whole job. Jobs can run without flaw or fail in an instant.
    You can press 'pause' and turn the router off if you wish part way through a job, but be careful where it is, continuing can sometimes fail.

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