This project was developed by Byron & The Hack evening team as a Hack the Evening project at The Edge in 2017.

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The rotocaster is a device that allows hollow objects to be moulded from quick setting liquid materials such as polyurethane, silicone or chocolate.
Using a two part mould, slow-setting liquid material is added, the mould clamped together, and then placed in between the network of rubber bands seen. When switched on, the frames simultaneously rotate slowly in perpendicular directions, coating the inside of the mould with the material as it sets. If the quantities are chosen correctly, a hollow object is formed with the external face matching the mould used (wall thickness will depend on the amount of material added to the mould).

This device was used in a workshop making hollow chocolate Easter eggs during 2017.
Moulds were made using the Vacuum Former.


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Project Percent Complete Project Lead Status Budget Req Budget Approved Next Major Milestone Subsequent Milestones to complete
Rotocaster 90% Byron First Draft $0

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