Clean Lab Equipment

Clean Lab Equipment

COTS Equipment

Model Manufacturer Location Commissioning Date
Rayjet 300 Laser Cutter / Engraver Rayjet 300 Trotec Clean lab 2015
3d Printer FDM Prusa_i3_Mk3s Prusa Research Clean lab 2019
3d Printer FDM Possum 3d Industries Australia Clean lab 2016
3d Printer FDM Taz 5 Lulzbot Clean lab 2016
Domestic Sewing Machine 730 Series Bernina Clean lab 2013
Domestic Overlocker 700d Overlocker Bernina Clean lab 2014
Poly-bag Sealer Venus Impulse Sealer Venus Clean lab 2013
Windows OS Laptop Zbook 15 HP Clean lab 2015
Vinyl Cutter Camm-1 GS24 Roland Clean lab 2016
Hot Air Station 858 Series Dongfeng HanDing Electronics Equipment Factory Clean lab 2017
Energy Meter PC222 Energy Meter Arlec Clean lab 2017
Soldering Iron WTCPT Weller Clean lab 2015
Soldering Iron TS-1620 Duratech Clean lab 2017
Power Supply KA300D Konrad Clean lab 2019
Power Supply LW-K3010D Longwei Clean lab 2019
Multimeter BM235 Brymen Clean lab 2019
Oscilloscope 54621A Agilent Clean lab 2019
HP Sprout 3D Scanner HP Sprout HP Clean lab 2019
Speed 300 Laser Cutter / Engraver Speedy 300 Trotec Clean lab 2020
Comput Stick Compute Stick Intel The Edge 2022

Custom Equipment

Computer and Software

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