Vector Library

Vector Library

This is a collection of vector graphics that are available as free resources for the public. These have been compiled from free resources online or created by State Library staff for use at The Edge.

Library of Designs

Where possible we will provide an image of the final fabricated design along with a PDF of the design file, PDF's are the best way to upload and share via our Wiki, as SVG files show up as (invisible) images and cannot be scaled.

The Edge uses the free and open source software Inkscape for many of the design processes we teach in workshops, however we still utilise and offer Adobe Illustrator on our Digital Media computers and some of our Open lab laptops have Corel Draw.

Box designs



Earrings and Accessories

SLQ Collection vectors

These may be subject to copyright, as they are used for research and reference purposes so please be mindful if you intend to use for commercial purposes.

Built Heritage

Checkout the original catalogue by Home Building Publishing Company; 1939

99 everyday homes for Queenslanders

Download the vector house designs below

99 everyday home vector designs

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