99 everyday homes for Queenslanders wood cuts

99 everyday homes for Queenslanders wood cuts

99 everyday homes for Queenslanders wood cuts

Checkout the original catalogue by Home Building Publishing Company; 1939

99 everyday homes for Queenslanders

Paint a Mini Queenslander

We have laser cut many of these designs as miniature woodcuts that you can paint and use as magnets, keychains and more. Drop by Open lab at The Edge and ask about painting one to take home for free, using our paint pens and plywood lasercut house designs.

Ask Open lab supervisors about adding a hole to your lasercut before painting if you would like a keychain, or ask for magnets and appropriate glue if you would like to take home a magnet.

Library of vectorised designs

If a design is missing numerically, it was because we were unable to get a trace of the design from the catalogue (or we haven't finished vectorising them all yet).

Image Name Design File
Design 1 Design1_99home
Design 2 Design2_99home
Design 3 Design3_99home
Design 4 Design4_99home
Design 5 Design5_99home
Design 6 Design6_99home
Design 7 Untraceable
Design 8 Design8_99home
Design 9 Design9_99home
Design 10 Design10_99home
Design 11 Design11_99home
Design 12 Design12_99home
Design 13 Untraceable
Design 14 Design14_99home
Design 16 Design16_99home
Design 18 Design18_99home
Design 19 Design19_99home
Design 22 Design22_99home
Design 23 Design23_99home
Design 26 Design26_99home
Design 28 Design28_99home
Design 29 Untraceable
Design 30 Design30_99home
Design 34 Design34_99home
Design 35 Design35_99home
Design 36 Design36_99home
Design 37 Design37_99home
Design 38 Design38_99home
Design 41 Untraceable
Design 49 Design49_99home
Design 50 Untraceable
Design 56 Design56_99home
Design 57 Untraceable
Design 61 Design61_99home
Design 64 Untraceable
Design 68 Design68_99home
Design 76 Design76 _99home
Design 81 Design81_99home
Design 82 Untraceable
Design 85 Untraceable
Design 87 Design87_99home
Design 89 Design89_99home
Design 93 Untraceable
Design 95 Untraceable
Design 96 Design96_99home
Design 99 Untraceable
Extra Design page 121 Extra Design Page121_99home
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