Fabrication Lab

Following the release of the Queensland Government’s Roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions, State Library has partially re-opened to the public. We are working towards reopening spaces at The Edge. Please check the opening hours and read the conditions of entry.

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The Edge Fabrication Lab is a creative space with a host of resources for you to bring your creative visions to life. It is an open access community makerspace with equipment and tools available to anyone with a creative idea. If you have a hobby, project, assignment or an idea for a business that requires a laser cutter, soldering station, 3D printer, sewing machine or CNC Router, The Edge’s Fabrication Lab can help. You just have to be over 16, wear covered footwear and have completed the relevant safety induction.

The Fabrication Lab occupies the entire of level 0 of The Edge building, and is divided into two zones: Clean Lab and Machine Shop. The zones are used to ensure that activities, equipment and tools use are supervised in accordance with State Library Fabrication Lab Work Health and Safety obligations.

Its also helps us keep the lab clean and provides the right environment for your work. In general if your activity requires machine tools, makes noise, dust or gas, and requires Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) then the Machine Shop is the place for you. If you are after a co-woking space with a focus on digital, print, electronic and textile making then you can work in the Clean Lab.

How can I visit the Fabrication Lab?

All up-to-date visitor information is alway on the the State Library Site. Once you've made your way to The Edge building and entered level 0 by either the lifts or stairs you need to:

  • Check-in and accept our Terms of Use with our sign-in system
  • Say “hi” to your friendly lab supervisor
  • Complete the general induction (on your first visit only)

When you leave the Fabrication Lab you will check-out with the visitor sign-in system.

Which Zone can I work in?

Your general induction clears you for entry to both zones of the Fabrication Lab, however the Machine Shop has additional PPE and supervision requirements.

What other Resources are Available in The SLQ Wiki?

The commissioning of Fabrication Lab consumer off the shelf (COTS) equipment, custom equipment, fittings and procedures and policy are all documented in the SLQ Wiki. State Library of Queensland supports and encourages the distribution of material on our wiki and the broadest possible access and re-use of collections. These documents and other miscellaneous information is collected under Resources

Legacy Rescources

When spaces and equipment are:

  • superceded
  • archived
  • removed from service
  • replaced

are marked with and a note:

Pending Resources

When spaces are equipment are temporarily out-of-use, they are on pause and noted as:

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