Queensland Architecture in Miniature 2023

Queensland Architecture in Miniature 2023

  • Prototype developed by Billie Reuben 2021
  • 2022 development and delivery by Michelle Brown and Rozina Suliman
  • 2023 development and delivery by Michelle Brown

Workshop presentation

The Queensland Architecture in Miniature workshop has been created into a slide show for presentation and documentation purposes. Please feel free to download and use the guide and files as per our CC license in the footnote.

Some pages may link to other online workshops, tutorials or guides created at The Edge, you may require internet to connect and view links.

Public view - Slides

Admin view - Slides

Design File Templates

Basic nook with archway design


Our nook dimensions file - nookdimensions.pdf

Template Material File
Base nook design 4mm ply Nook design file
Base nook design - Magnet cuts 4mm ply Nook design file magnet cuts
Reverse nook front piece - Magnet engrave 4mm ply - pre-cut piece Front piece magnet engrave
Front Nook rail door surround 1.7mm to 4mm works Front door surround
Rails and door surrounds 1.5 mm to 3mm ply or boxboard Internal rails and door surround
Accents template; casements, doors, breezeway & stain glass 1.5 mm to 2mm wood Accents template
Mottled glass design for windows 1.5mm acrylic or 0.75mm PETG Mottled glass
Stained glass window designs 0.75mm PETG stained_glass_designs.pdf
Nook roof 4mm ply Pitched roof design
Front veranda idea 4mm ply Front add on veranda

Material cutting notes

Current working file for windows with engraving (clear acrylic or PETG), tested with 1.5mm acrylic and .75mm PETG, both look fine but the PETG works best since it's thinner, but be mindful of warping, quick single cuts that are separated by a good distance are best, and remove any plastic covering before cutting.

Additional Design Files

Vector designs Material File Image
Arch 1 4mm ply Arch1 design file arch1.jpg
Arch 2 4mm ply Arch2 design file arch2.jpg
Arch 3 4mm ply Arch3 design file arch3.jpg
Arch 4 4mm ply Arch4 design file arch4.jpg
Arch 5 4mm ply Arch5 design file arch5.jpg
Arch 6 4mm ply Arch6 design file arch6.jpg
Arch 7 4mm ply Arch7 design file arch7.jpg
Arch 8 4mm ply Arch8 design file arch8.jpg
Multiple options 1.5mm to 2mm Casement windows and doors casementwindowsdoors.jpg
Back window casements 1.5mm to 2mm back_window_casements.pdf
More side door options 1.5mm to 2mm More side door options
Breezeways 1.5 mm to 4mm breezeways.pdf

Furniture Design Files

Vector designs Material File Image
Mini frames 1.5mm - 4mm frame_design.pdf
More frames (unsized) 1.5mm - 4mm pictureframes.pdf
Some furniture 1.5mm - 2mm some_furniture.pdf
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We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their continuing connection to land and as custodians of stories for millennia. We are inspired by this tradition in our work to share and preserve Queensland's memory for future generations.