Tin Foil Chocolate TryIt

Tin Foil Chocolate TryIt

Strange that we don't have any words about this project here yet. Guess we'll have to do something about that in due course.

Tempering Chocolate for moulding

In the interim, here is the PDF dealing with tempering chocolate, taken from the Serious Eats website (my favorite foodblog in the entire world I'd like to add…). the_food_lab-_the_best_way_to_temper_chocolate_serious_eats_.pdf

Original page can be found here

the tempering process works. I am in the process of purchasing the sous vide (purchased from Australian supplier, Anova brand) and it should arrive before the end of the week. I will get to Kmart on the weekend to buy a cooler to modify as the cooking vessel. Kmart is charging $10 for delivery, which when you consider that the cooler is $29, that seems a little extravagant. Won't be able to get there before the weekend but that shouldn't present an issue We will need to purchase a quantity of different chocolate and experiment. This might make for a good staff test of the process? DF

This workshop is an amalgam of other developments in the space - Byron's Rotocaster, Andrew's vacuum former and the fact that the Christian holiday that celebrates with hollow chocolate objects is nearing. It is worth remembering that we are a secular program and whole Easter is largely ubiquitous in Australian culture, it is not universally celebrated in the community. To this end, any communications about this program need to avoid tying it directly into the religious aspects. It is meant to be fun for all.

This is going to be one of those workshops that is likely to span a number of pages, rather than repeating the same information over and over. We will need to discuss how we can do this easily within this wiki. I am sure that Andrei has already figured that out - being that he is clever - but we'll all need to get onto the same page. To that end I am assuming that the following pages (whether they exist yet or not) will need to be wrapped up into this fuller document:

  • 3D printing (pulled from the bel buckle workshops with a slightly different bent)
  • Making the vacuum former
  • Using the vacuum former (including prepping 3D model for forming)
  • Tempering and working with chocolate (with a sous vide/immersion bath and vacuum sealer(
  • Building a rotacaster
  • Rotocasting your chocolates
  • Wrapping

I expect that this assemblage of a number of pages is going to become more and more the norm as time passes, with out development moving into a modular/plugin focus.

Vacuum Former

Files and instructions for the Vacuum Former that has been designed, fabricated and tested by HtE participants can be found at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1951311/#files

I have also added here the Files of the final version that were cut for the workshop





This device was a product of Volunteers working through Hack The Evening. More information can be found here: Rotocaster

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