InterWebs Video

InterWebs Video


We (The Edge Program Team) are always looking looking for engaging workshops focused on skill development and activating Edge resources that can be added to the Edge Core workshop program. We are also interested in developing activities that will encourage participants to become makers - cultural producers not just cultural consumers. After the success of Podcasting workshops in the core workshop it also made sense to also trial a set of video content development workshops.

Workshop Brief

The eventual Comms blurb for the workshop captures the objective of the workshop

The World Wide Web super-highway is a crazy busy place nowadays. Capturing and keeping the attention of an online audience isn’t just a matter of 3 or 4 groovy fonts or some flashy, moving GIFs. Content is King and the Boss King of web content, at least for now, is VIDEO. If you have an idea for a video, you need the skills to wow your boss, or you’ve been dreaming of your own web video channel, come and learn the basics in this introductory TRIYT workshop. In this workshop we’ll have a look at: * The technical skills you need to produce your video * The Facilities and equipment on offer at The Edge to help produce your video * And have a go at putting a short video together as a group

For the development of this work emerging arts worker and VSO Will Connor (with an established youtube channel was paired with experienced workshop facilitator and videographer Angus Mcleod

Workshop Plan

Angus and Will developed a workshop plan and handouts for the workshop

Handout 1 - Available Gear

Handout 2 - Recording Checklist

Workshop Plan


Users who attended workshop had very little knowledge of Youtube from an operational aspect.

Users were very interested in learning the idea behind videos. What makes a video engaging and how to get people to click your video (And keep the attention)

A good bit of information on the importance of Thumbnails will be beneficial

Copy should reflect that this workshop involves the practical aspect of using a camera, recording a video and editing the content Attendees of this workshop were not aware and as a result, we did not use any cameras.

Users were very interested in monitisation and the operational aspect of that (How many views =$ ect.)

There were a very large amount of case specific questions during the workshop. It would be good to have an activity for users to work on and take questions/1 on 1 work during this time.

The difference between a viral video vs a successful channel

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