Level 2 Independent Machinist
Level 3 Supervisor/ Facilitator Induction

Individuals seeking to complete this level of induction need to demonstrated an advanced understanding of the tool/ plant. The Edge uses an Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) style process demonstrate competency.

Key Criteria

Individuals must demonstrate competency in

Training participants in the safe and correct use of the Tool/ Plant. identify and preempt unsafe, improper or inefficient use of the tool /plant by participants. training and supporting participants’ application of workflow up to and around the tool/ plant training participants basic maintenance and care a working knowledge and be able to support participant application of stock control and administrative procedures connected to the use the tool basic troubleshooting on the tool/ plant delivering competency based assessment and possess a capacity/ experience to support participants with a range of backgrounds and learning styles to demonstrate competency.

Evidence of Competency

Three forms of evidence of competency are required for each criteria. In this case the three forms of evidence will be

1. Assessor Observation Report during training simulation

2. Candidate written response to Safe Work Instructions and Induction Materials

3. Candidate notes on Level 1 Induction Paperwork and FLS Procedures.

as well as any other evidence candidates wish to present ( CV examples of work etc)

Observations can be recorded on the below word doc.


Subsequent to the Assessor finding candidate competent, their details are recorded on O:drive

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