Modeling and Printing a Keyring

Specific Objectives/Learning Goals:

The intention of the 3D induction is to enable participants to become familiar with the practical use and basic theory behind the use of the UP 3d printer.

Learning Outcome:

  • Create 3d model in Tinkercad.
  • Become confident with terminology around the machine
  • Become familiar with the safety procedures in the workshop and with the use of the machine.
  • Successfully print the 3D model.

Prior Learning:

No prior learning required .Experience with the use of tinkercad or other 3d modeling software is advantageous

Resources/Materials required


10 pens

10 laptops

10 USB sticks with files for lesson

4 working UP 3d printers

TV + facilitators laptop

10 print outs of of the 3d printing induction paperwork

Sample prints.

Extra printed copies of the power-point for inductees to seek answers for their paperwork.

Kit to repair the 3d printers

Spare spools of UP! ABS filament

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