Speedy 300 and Job Control Troubleshooting

Speedy 300 and Job Control Troubleshooting

This page is dedicated to logging and solutions specific to the Trotec Speedy300 and Job Control software running on Windows 10.

Speedy 300

Bed Location

Compared to the Rayjet bed, the addition of the vacuum function in the Speedy300 means more care need to be taken when replacing an aligning the cutting bed. Speedy 2 required the bed to be pulled firmly towards the user, not pushed up. Leaving the bed on Speedy 2 in the “dropped in” position would result in the laser shaving the top of the bed on the left hand side.

Software Issues

Windows 10 Print Spooling

On occasion the Speedy 1 PC stops sending jobs to the cutter. Stopping and restarting the print spooler solves this in the short term, but the real culprit is Windows Defender antivirus active protection scanning files as they are transfered to Job Control. Disabling the realtime scanning on the relevant Trotec folders seems to do the trick.

Job Control

On Speedy PC 1 - we had an issue where red lines wouldn't cut. Re-installing Job Control was the solution.

Corel Draw


We created new templates to cut on the Speedy300. Documents created from these templates had a persistent issue where the drawing area was misaligned with the print area by a few mm on the left hand side. This resulted in Job Control dropping those lines, consistent with what was presented in the print preview. Work around was to redraw the lines and cut, or create an offset. The solution was to use the old template.


Problem Check these things Solution
Cant get the laser head to move around the cab maybe it wont move cause the laser is in standby mode? hit the standby button on the Laser control panel
maybe the machine got interrupted during its homing process? make sure all the doors are shut including the glass lid
I hit print in correlDraw and gave it a name but my job isn't turning up in the Job Control que maybe the there is not enough memory to spool a job and the print spooler has stalled go to and delete oversized jobs
maybe the os has updated again and the windows security firewall is inspecting print transfers between CorrelDraw and JobControl again
i've done all my settings in Job Control but my job wont print Maybe JobControl is not connected to the laser Click the usb connect icon
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