Laser Cutter Checks

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Laser Cutter Checks

The Edge standard checks for the Rayjet 300.

Laser Cutter Preflight Checks - Prepare Your Job

  • Hot Work Permit active
  • Material purchased, checked by supervisor
  • Honeycomb correctly seated on bed
  • Focal distance correctly calibrated to stock
  • Starting position of laser is correct

Laser Cutter Preflight Checks - Supervisor Check

  • Starting position of laser is correct - verified by Supervisor
  • Bed is correctly seated - verified by Supervisor
  • Focus alignment - verified by Supervisor
  • All cut settings - verified by Supervisor
    • power
    • speed
    • number of passes
  • Auto focus feature disabled - verified by Supervisor
  • Update Settings, apply and press OK

Laser Cutter Checks - During Cut

  • Start job from Laser Cutter NOT software
  • Avoid looking directly at the laser flash
    • Prolonged exposure to laser flash may cause eye strain
  • Abort job if material catches fire
  • Pause Job to adjust
    • repeat pre-flight check if needed

Laser Cutter Checks - After Cut

  • Wait 30 secs for fumes to clear
  • Remove Job
  • Brush out or vacuum debris

Laser Cutter Checks - After Session

  • Leave area clean and tidy
  • Take your USB
  • Show of your work on made today
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