3D printer Induction

Induction presentation

Our Inductions have been created as slide shows for presentation and documentation purposes. Please feel free to download and use the guide and files as per our CC license in the footnote.

Some pages may link to other online workshops, tutorials or guides created at The Edge, you may require the internet to connect and view links.

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Our 3D Printer Induction resource guide


Once you have completed an induction you can book a printer to use for your projects during Open Lan hours

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Have not done the induction yet? keep up to date with the SLQ What's on Page for further information:

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Acorn Online Component

Acorn is our database that holds your induction access details. You will be enrolled in the specific induction you are completing on the SLQ Acorn website, staff will assist during the induction. NOTE: This website is only available onsite at SLQ. https://inductions.slq.qld.gov.au/user_login

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