The development of Fabrication Lab workshops, custom equipment, fittings and procedures and policy are all documented in the SLQ Wiki, as are our large and small community engagements.

Documentation that does not fit into a specific catagory is listed in our resources section.


The Edge tries to use free and open source software where possible, however in some cases we will use industry standard applications for some fabrication and development areas. We have compiled a list of many of the applications we use, along with links to free online creative resources available.

Software List

Legacy Documentation

Documentation of resources that are superceded, archived, removed from service or replaced is maintained in the SLQ Wiki and are marked with icon and a note to the relevant up-to-date information:

Digital Signage

Fabrication Lab signage is presented from this namespace on pi signage player using the revealjs Dokuwiki plug-in. Each signage player has wiki page which you can edit to update.

For example, if you are the lab supervisor for today go to the Welcome Signage and change the name of the supervisor. You can then use the link below to display the signage.

→

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