Laptop storage boxes

This is prototype of a better laptop storage solution for laptops in The Edge Fabrication Lab. The development of this was informed by a variety of design and operational objectives.

We wanted a storage solution that:

  • was aesthetically pleasing
  • could be integrated with existing Fab Lab furniture (ikea KALLAX/EXPEDIT bookshelves)
  • facilitated a self service approach to providing resources in the Fab Lab
  • Allowed us to have laptops on charge while in their storage unit (we waste alot of time setting up PSU/Chargers for short workshops that shouldn't require a charge because the machines don't go back on charge when they are put away)
  • Maximum tidiness (no cables hanging everywhere, hide as much as you can)
  • sturdy construction

Other considerations

  • This is not a unique problem and lots of people around the world have Ikea shelves.
  • Is this a design that could be rejigged for a larger shelf (considering the possiblity of creating our own similar version of Kallax that is big enough to take a standard Milk Crate.

Learnings from the Prototyping Process Thus far

  • there needs to be hand access holes to feed the cable and PSU into its space.
  • There needs to be a construction order - ie hint number one build from the middle out
  • There needs to be a mechanism/ tabs that hold the box in place as laptops are being slid in and out.
  • These tabs need to be removable so you can get the box out for maintenance
  • There needs to be a lot of head room for the PSU input plug to go into the laptop when on its shelf.
  • I really need to learn a proper cad application that has parametric, exploded and assemble view capabilities ;)

Design Files

below are the rough drawing and design files produced for this project

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