Up Mini

Up Mini

The Up! Mini is a consumer desktop 3D printer, The Edge has four Up! minis available for public use.



Daily Maintenance:

  • Snip off 50mm filament just above intake, withdraw this and extrude freshly snipped end of filament
  • Check filament remaining on the spool.

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Swap nozzle for nozzle that has been left in acetone for the past week.
  • Calibrate Bed Height
  • Test Print
  • Brush out any accumulated dust and filament below the bed of the machine.

Some notes on Filament

For some time the edge has had prefered brands of filament - Up brand and Zortrax Brand ABS

These brands have been successfully test in our machine and produce consistent results. The use of other brands of abs is to be avoided to ensure these publically bookable assets remain accessible.

Repairs to Up Mini 1

Some repairs are being attempted on the retired Up mini 1. This includes fitting an after market “smoothie board” sourced from ebay. Instructions for this board are attached below


Instructions and Training Materials



Mick Byrne, 2016/07/28 15:37, 2016/07/28 15:39

calibrating the level of the bed made a big difference. maybe we need to check this more regularly. now that this has been done it looks like its going to print all the way out to the edge of the perf board 100×100 square

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