Multicam CNC Staff Operations Signage

Multicam CNC Staff Operations Signage

Daily Setup

Prepare Space


  • Sign out Pit Key
  • Establish Comms via walkie talkie (Channel 21)
  • Open Roller Door
  • Place bollards out for CNC work area
  • Check dust extractor bag /Empty if required

Prepare Space Continued

  • Turn on compressor
  • Ensure required PPE is available and that the space is tidy enough to commence work.
  • Remove MDF cover board from waste board.(2 person lift recommended)
  • Check the condition of waste board for high spots and lightly sand where necessary
  • Turn on the CAD Computer, digital signage, lights and fan where necessary

Setup Machine

  • If there is a cutting tool/bit on the machine - ensure it is secure.
  • Ensure Spindle is clear for warmup procedure.
  • Test Vacuum Bed Compressor
  • Test Dust Extractor

Setup Machine Continued

  • Turn on CNC machine and wait for it so go through its start up procedure
  • Home the machine
  • select Warm up spindle and OK (5 Mins)

Daily Machine Pack Down

Cleaning up

  • Throw away any off-cuts or larger debris
  • Use extraction tube to vacuum the material before removing, once removed vacuum the waste board. Use the dust pan to remove any debris still stuck on the board by scraping it off lightly.
  • Use compressed air clean around and underneath the machine.
  • Use compressor to clean the machine, most importantly the linear rails.
  • Replace Night Cover on Wasteboard
  • Return tools to tool storage
  • Tidy up work bench (dust, wipe if needed)
  • Make sure space is tidy for next person to use
  • Bring the barriers back in, shut the door and turn off the light

Shutting Down

  1. Return the Machine to Home position
  2. Turn off machine by pressing the Off button
  3. Turn off Vacuum bed and Extraction fan on the wall
  4. Shutdown CAD Computer via Windows menu
  5. Turn off Monitor, Fan, Lights, Compressor and WAP

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