The Edge is home to various equipment and facilities that the public has access to.

All equipment needs a General Safety Induction in order to be able to use it, and some equipment needs a further, specific induction in order to be able to use it. For details, check out the individual pages of the equipment below.

Some equipment requires a booking, which is managed through the State Library of Queensland Booking System.

Fabrication Lab Equipment

In the Fabrication Lab (in the basement of The Edge) you can find:

Laser Cutters
Laser cutters are great at quickly cutting and engraving sheets of material such as thin plywood, acrylic sheet, rubber stamps, fabric, leather, etc more info

Sewing Machines
Sewing machines are used to make all manner of textile goods; clothing, tents, bags, upholstery, etc more info

3D Printers
3D printers are used to turned digital models into real life objects. more info

Electronics Bench
The Edge Electronics Bench are a resource with a range of tools and diagnostic equipment including soldering irons, bench supplies, hot air reflow, antistatic matts, and some more specialized equipment like an oscilloscope and reflow oven. more info

Vinyl Cutter
The vinyl cutter can cut stickers and signage from your vector artwork. more info

Hand Tools
We carry a range of handtools for woodworking and general tasks. more info

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Overlockers are used to add a quick and professional finish to raw edges when sewing. They are also great for working with stretch fabrics! more info

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Our laptops are handy if you want to work on your digital fabrication projects and are equipped with a range of handy software.

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Desktop Computers
We have a couple of high powered desktop computers equipped with some expensive software (like the Adobe suite) and high specs so it can churn through large rendering jobs in a flash. more info

Other Equipment at The Edge

Upstairs/elsewhere at The Edge you will find:

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Recording Studio
The Edge Recording Studio is a near professional environment for recording, editing and mixing sound. People use it for recording and mixing multitrack music recordings, recording interviews and podcasts. more info

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Digital Media Lab
The Digital Media Lab includes a suite of workstations with a range of professional and free and open source software (FOSS) for graphic design, audio and video editing, web and app development, game design, animation and programming. more info

Coming Soon

  • Screen printing Carousel
  • X-Carve Router
  • Multicam CNC Knife
  • Documentation Station

Retired/Other Equipment

For a full list of all our equipment, including retired, please see this list

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