High-Resolution Laser Scanner: Konica Minolta Vivid 9i (a.k.a VI-9i) Non-Contact 3D Digitizer

High-Resolution Laser Scanner: Konica Minolta Vivid 9i (a.k.a VI-9i) Non-Contact 3D Digitizer

Before Starting

You will need a general induction in order to use this machine, and a staff member will also need to train you how to use it. We don't currently have a formal induction or booking process for this machine as it's not commonly used, come in during an open lab or hack the evening and chat to a staff member to get started. :)

User Instructions

Picking a good item to scan

light coloured, matte, not transparent (chalk paint good option) we can scan different sizes, and we do have different lenses, but start out with the basic set up and an object roughly fist-sized.

it might also be handy to have some black plasticine to hold your item on the various angles required to scan all areas (black becasue it's less likely to be scanned by the laser)

If you would like to scan a part of a human, it's nearly impossible (and dangerous!) to do directly. Instead, make a body cast of the part of the person and either scan the cast if all areas would be accessible (e.g just the front of a face for a mask) and flip it later in the software, or make a blank from the cast in plaster, and scan that.


01. Remove any dust covers.

02. Remove the 2 lens caps from the scanner

03. Turn on the scanner

04. Click the enter button when it says “please open laser barrier and press any key”

05. Turn on stage controller (turn table controller), via the box sitting on top of the computer.

06. Turn on the computer

07. Turn on the monitor

08. Log into edge user (no password)

09. Open the application called PET from the task bar at the bottom of the screen.

10. Go to File>Import>Digitiser>StepScan

11. It should come up with a notification saying “Chart Data Settled” hit [OK]

12. It will bring up this screen

Hit [Stage Apply] to connect to the turntable. If it doesn't connect successfully, turn the control box for the turn table off and on again and hit [stage apply] again (the control box sits on top of the PC Tower) Arrange your object so it is in the centre of the screen, on top of the stage/turntable.

Other info

  • calibration panel -use when setting up the machine or changing lenses (see manual)
  • Stage/ turn table
  • Different Lenses for different depths of feild (focus). Macro has most range, tele least, middle is middle and a good place to start.
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