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Materials Shop

State Library provides a range of off the shelf material/consumables for puchase in the Fabrication Lab.

If you wish to purchase materials externally and bring them in to use in our machines the rules around the materials depend on the machine you are trying to use.

Please see the specific equipment pages for more info

Material Prices

Material Thickness Colour Size Price In Stock
3D Printer Plastic (PLA+) NA Black NA free within reason then 15c/gram
Acrylic 6mm Clear ~A2 $ 28.00/ sheet
3mm Clear ~A2 $ 17.00/ sheet
3mm White ~A2 $ 17.00 / sheet
3mm Black ~A2 $ 17.00 / sheet
1.5mm Clear ~A2 $ 16.00 / sheet
Polypropylene 0.6mm Various ~A2 $ 4.00/ sheet
Plywood (Melamine Glue for Laser) 6.9mm ~A2 $ 14.00/ sheet
4mm ~A2 $ 10.00/ sheet
Craft Card (Dense) 1.4mm ~A2 $18.00/ sheet
2.4mm ~A2 $22.00/ sheet
Stamp Material ~3mm ~A4 $15.00/ sheet
Corrugated Cardboard free within reason then POA
Signwritters Vinyl Film Black or White 600mm $8/m
Application Tape Low Tac 600mm $4/m
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