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Developed by The Edge, State Library of Queensland, the Siganto Digital Learning Workshops is an initiative that aims to equip migrant and new arrival communities with a personal computer, and the skills needed to use and maintain it. We do this by acquiring previously owned computers, putting them into the hands of those who need them and teaching participants how to dismantle, rebuild, and troubleshoot their machines, before using open-source software to create their own digital projects. Best of all, at the end of the program, our participants keep the computers they have been working on.


The Siganto Digital Learning Workshops (SDLW) are a series of workshops where participants get hands-on experience with taking apart, breaking and fixing a computer, then build your own custom-built computer operating system using free software you have chosen and installed yourself.

At the end of the series not only will you have the skills and knowledge to repair and upgrade everything inside your computer, you get to take the computer home. It's yours to keep!

SDLW assumes no prior knowledge of computer hardware, and begins with the basics of computer software using clear, simple language.

This program was developed State Library of Queensland (SLQ) in Australia. All original material is released under a Creative Commons share-alike non-commercial license.

About this wiki

This wiki is your complete resource for the SDLW workshop program. It contains the workshop guidelines and other resources to help you complete the SDLW program.

We've tried to define all jargon and acronyms either in the text or with links to Simple Wikipedia. Simple Wikipedia is a smaller, less technical version of the main wikipedia site.

However, if anything is still confusing to you we have not done our job properly so do ask your facilitator to clarify and we'll do our best to amend the content.

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