Doing Outreach

The aim of outreach is to engage with community groups that your library does not generally engage with, has not engaged with in a long time or would like to strengthen the existing relationship with them.

The process that you negotiate may be different for each group; it depends on what is of interest to both you and the group.

The Deception Bay Library worked closely with a steering group to identify and actively engage community groups in the process. The steering group had been formed previously in the community so that organisations can jump in on projects and work together. The group also supported the events that happened at the library in different ways, for exampl, co-facilitating conversations at book club events, helping with set up, learning new skills to help with 3D printing and promoting events.

The Edge identified certain organisations that they wanted to strengthen or grow their relationships with, and worked out a plan as the project unfolded.

The following are the outreach groups that are currently engaging in the One Last Apocalypse process:

1. Youth Engagement

2. Older adults

3. Cultural Organisations

The way that we have engaged with each group has been vastly different. However, with each group the following has been very important:

  • An open dialogue. Being available via phone and email
  • Following up with each group each week to check in about the next week and moving forward
  • Being sensitive to the needs of the group
  • Building relationship with the organisation as well as the individuals who are engaging in the process
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