Engaging Seniors in Deception Bay

Engaging Seniors in Deception Bay

This was a very organic process engaging seniors in the Caboolture region.

One of the librarians is a volunteer at a local computing club and we were chatting about the CCC program

https://ccclabs.edgeqld.org.au/doku.php?id=about_ccc_history (and see also the latest iteration at Siganto Digital Learning Workshops)

She mentioned it to the group. They were excited and began to come into The Edge to do the self paced program. Soon one of the members was trained as a trainer and organised a hall in the Caboulture region to train up 12 people to do the program.

Meanwhile back at the Deception Bay library they had been working on getting approval to run the program out of the library for teens in the region. They see that the program will enhance family life by having access to a computer and not just a smart phone to do assignments and homework.

The program has received approval and will be run out of the library from Feb 2018. They will have the support of 13 seniors who have trained in the program.

Engaging seniors at The Edge

The Edge worked with two Men's Sheds (Wilston and Sunnybank). The process began with a discussion out at the Men's Sheds, then a series of onsite inductions.

The inductions began with a focus on working with wood and with computers. They were all timed to either be with young people from the Flexi School involved as well, or at the same time and in the same space.

Inter-generational inductions in the Fab Lab (Albert Park & Men's Shed): CNC and Laser

Inter-generational inductions in the DML (Albert Park & Men's Sheds): Design for Laser

Fab Lab Inductions: Men's Sheds: Laser continued

Inter-generational Inductions 2 x Men's Sheds & Albert Park Flexi School: Sewing and Design for Laser

Men's Shed & Flexi School: Design for CNC

Wilston & Sunnybank Men's shed

Cardboard Kaiju Session 1

Cardboard Kaiju Session 2

Building cardboard buildings

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