A series of workshop engagements that may begin offsite and then travel onsite to The Edge (Library). The workshop series is dependent on each community groups' needs and interests and will be tailored accordingly. However, at some point all will explore the theme of Apocalypse in a way that relates to or is of interest. This could be the sharing of personal stories, dreams or designing apocalyptic fashion or even an apocalyptic put put course.

When each group comes onsite to The Edge (library), there will be the opportunity to collaborate and have conversations across communities (in house and other outreach communities).


The OLA will be a rich landscape to unpack sophisticated ideas that are not widely discussed and accessible.

It will be an ongoing dialogue around Apocalypse onsite at The Edge on Monday evenings with weekends added into the mix towards the end of the project.

There is stage one - Explorations:

1. Book Club Series

2.Game Nights

3. Apocalypse Thinking

& stage two - Making:

As well as an ongoing way for the edge community to add in ideas on a Sypder wall

Spyder board


At least one regional library will be engaged in the documenting process (here on the wiki and in person) initially.

Finally, the documenting process that will be here on the wiki will be made accessible to all libraries.

Areas of learning that will be covered throughout OLA:


This project creates a space for the exploration of big ideas through facilitated sessions utilising stimuli such as books, movies, graphic novels and games to encourage learning, sharing and critical thought.


Participants will actively engage with design concepts through play and will be empowered to generate their own designs as a preparation to event design and fabrication.


Participants will be guided through the making process through a series of workshops and will have the opportunity to use The Edge facilities including digital fabrication tools.

Event Planning:

A key part of the project is to develop participant skills in event planning and management. This will be achieved through focused event capacity workshops and support by a producer through a series of event planning meetups.

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