The Great and Grand Rumpus

The Great and Grand Rumpus

The Great & Grand Rumpus

Welcome to The Great & Grand Rumpus. A collaboration of cardboard, creativity and community.

Incorporating the ideas of over 1000 participants from ages six to sixty, The Great & Grand Rumpus brings the nonsensical to life, the unreal to reality and LOUDNESS to the Library!

The project, completed over 15 months in libraries, schools and learning spaces across south-east Queensland, reminds us all of the importance of childlike wonder and how playing with the box is sometimes more fun than what was inside.


The Great & Grand Rumpus Wiki

The State Library's Wiki has been developed as a working knowledge-base, used to capture the development and delivery of workshops, engagements and facilities, alongside the decision making logic, as part of the Library’s commitment to sharing intellectual property which has been developed with public resources.

Part of the GGR project was to ensure all of the processes, workshop delivery and community engagement was documented and made available to the public, not only for those involved in the project but also other practitioners in Australia or around the world who might also want to deliver a similar exhibition program.

The Well of Ideas - a digital catalogue of all the incredible ideas collected from students throughout The Great & Grand Rumpus creative process! The Well

Here where you will find the documentation and the development process for the Great and Great Rumpus! Rumpus Land Online

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their continuing connection to land and as custodians of stories for millennia. We are inspired by this tradition in our work to share and preserve Queensland's memory for future generations.