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Learning Management System vs eLearning Asset

SCORM Files basically HTML with a few extra specifications and a wrapper that easily talks to Learning Management Systems. Most commonly hosted on a learning management system, doesn't need to be though! can be put on any old website, just won't record completion data natively, (unless you build a form into the elearning module itself, e.g request some form of ID from the user which is sent via an email to a certain address for you to keep as a record) Comparison of content authoring software Lectora vs Storyline vs Rise -any open source ones I can try? can be blended with face to face training (as with our inductions)



Design thinking: focus on one learning goal per asset. make as quick as possible scenarios work best, with realistic answers no trick questions no quizzes on which specific date something happened etc, focus on the learning goal. Every question should teach something valuable. Give immediate and robust feedback for incorrect answers (not just a score a the end of a multi-question quiz, this doesn't teach anyone anything, it just makes them feel stupid or frustrated) keep it short choose your own adventure

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