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Blue Bots: Use the buttons on the beetles back to code this nifty little gadget. The kit comes with two maps and pathway cards. Perfect for prep and up. Max. 8 participants.

Dash & Dot: Dash and dot work with iPads and the App comes with program ideas or it is possibile to create your own challenges for children aged 6yr+. Max. 4 participants.

Lego Drones: Show participants how to build a Lego drone, keeping aerodynamics in mind, and fly around. Building instructions are included in the app. Max. 4 participants. For ages 9yr+

Makey Makey: Start out easy with a banana piano. Then create game controllers, invent musical instruments, make voting machines, and light up paper circuits. Connect Makey Makey to the world of things around you, and the possibilities are endless! Max. participation also determined by computer availability, the kit 8 has eight connector boxes. For ages 6yr+

Osmo: Participants can count, draw, play, code, puzzle their way through the different games travelling in this tech kit. Max. 7 participants. For ages 5yr+

Ozobot: Utilise the present colour coding in these little robots by drawing pathways with pencils, or participants can code new behaviours for the Ozobot via OzoBlockly. Max. 5 participants. For ages 6yr+

Ozobot EVO: Ozobot Evo can do everything the Ozobot does and you can make Evo talk, with built-in speakers. Also, Evo has a proximity sensor. This sensor allows the Evo to know whether there is an object nearby, allowing it to change direction without bumping into it. Max. 6 participants. For ages 6yr+

Snap Circuit: Get participants started with electronics by following the included handbook providing you with 100+ ways of connecting circuits, propellers, lamps and more. Max. 6 participants. For ages 8yr+

Sphero: Build obstacle paths, use coding challenges and games invented by Sphero to build hours of fun for your community. Max. 5 participants. For ages 8yr+


IRC Wiki includes Program Ideas and Outlines for:

  • Scratch, Scratch Junior & Makey Makey with Scratch:
  • Ozobots
  • Sphero’s
  • Osmo’s
  • eSmart (currently under construction)

SLQ Wiki includes Program Ideas and Outlines for:

IRC Website links to Online Resources for program use:

  • Children
  • Busythings
  • Adults
  • GCF
  • Mousing Around

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