Digital health literacy

Welcome to the Digital health literacy online training program.

The program will introduce to you to digital health resources to empower your community in managing their own health literacy. The focus of the resources training is My Health Record, the Australian Government-developed online portal offering every Australian a streamlined, digital approach to managing their health data and history.

This training package will also offer the skills needed to deliver digital health literacy training to your community, enabling them to make the most of the multitude of health resources available online, including My Health Record, and the many resources already available through libraries and beyond.

When you receive your training invitation

  • Work through the 8 modules

    Your invitation email will contain the date range to complete each module below. Allow 30 mins per module on average.

    You can work through the program at your own pace. Just return to the landing page and click the tile for your next module when you are ready.

  • Post-training Survey

    Upon completion of the final module, complete the post-training survey that will be emailed to you

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