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Isaac Regional Council's programming team is currently in the process of developing a town within the SLQ's Minecraft server. Programming in the space is currently being undertaken with a select group of several young people, who have been identified as 'Minecraft Master Builders'. These master builders, along with IRC staff, will continue to build the town space and develop challenges to launch to the wider Isaac Community in Term 4 of 2021.

The Isaac Master builders are held to a code of conduct when entering the Minecraft space. The code of conduct from both SLQ, as well as additional material, is listed below.

  • Please remember to be respectful to one another while online. And always feel free to interact with each other in the chat box. Let your team mates know how great you think their builds are and feel free to explore the structures and creations that everyone has constructed.
  • We all know how much time and effort is put in to crafting a building or structure. Please do not destroy or alter anything that one of the other master Builders is in the process of creating or has finished creating.
  • If you begin a project, please remain with that project until you have completed it and been given the 'completed' tick in the building tasks table. This way we don't end up with random structures appearing throughout the space that leave others unsure on what their purpose is.
  • If you would like to try something out creatively that may not fit in with the theme of the town please utilise the 'creative area' on the outskirts of town (Large walled off area).
  • Please keep in mind that this is meant to be a 'Cohesive' space. We would like one town where everything works well with one another so before starting your build please make sure to view your allocated task page and think about how you might like to construct your build and what materials you might like to use.


  • Previous Master Builders please leave a message on our Feedback Page to help us improve and grow the program. Thank you!

To register please click on the register button as seen in the image.

Once you click on this you will then be taken to the page in the image below. This gives you the server address and linking code to enter in your Minecraft application. You will need to enter this information as a new server in Multiplayer mode.

In the following section you will find a number of resources to aid in your Minecraft journey. Please explore them at your leisure.

In the table below are the commands we used in the first three Master Builder session - everything about builder tools. You can find many more listed at the links above.

In the table below are the commands we used in the second three Master Builder sessions - everything about NPC's, Shop's and Quest's. You can find many more listed at the links above.

  • Quests coming soon

Upcoming Sessions

Previous Sessions

  • Friday 9th June: Let's design some custom skins for our towns people.
  • Thursday 8th June: Will give time to finish the work form the day before. - There is never enough time for building.
  • * Wednesday 7th June: Reimagine your buildings in a new world - let James from SLQ guide you as you make final tweaks.
  • Wednesday 14th April: We will take some time and talk about current and missing buildings, go over the Wiki, missing NPC's and quest's. Tune in to have your say in what need's to be done and what Isaac town is supposed to look like.
  • Friday 9th April: This session will be the last of the three Master Builder sessions for these school holidays (April 2021). James from SLQ will teach us how to create quests. We will play through all of our new quests, explore the previously created houses without builder mode, NPC and shops. Please follow the Skype meeting link which will be sent to you via Email. Homework for session three is to finish your NPC's (giving them skins, placing them around town and ensure they have a spawn point); ensure there is enough lighting in the town and enough guards; finish your buildings using the guide below. Please let us know if you have got any questions in the Q/A section. Happy Building!
  • Thursday 6th April: We will learn how to create shops with the NPC around town, how to add items and NPC's to shops. Make sure you know which items you want available for the players to complete quests we will create in our next session.
  • Wednesday 7th April: James from SLQ will dive into NPC's and Quests. Make sure your buildings are complete as we will need them to place NPC's around the town. James will show us how to create NPC's and how to give NPC items, spawn points and skins.
  • Monday 15th March: In this session we would like you to focus on finishing off your current builds. After watching the below video please go to the Builder Tasks table below and have a look over your individual task pages. Once you have done this we would like to see you make your way in to the Minecraft space and develop your builds to the outlines listed in these task pages. Once you feel happy that you have completed these projects please let the Isaac Staff know via the below Q&A Section.


Builder Tasks

The below table is dedicated to the building tasks currently underway in our town on the SLQ Minecraft server. Please click on the tasks below for more information regarding your individual builds.

Guard Towers Kbird Landscaping (look at the possibility of adding trees, bamboo, grass, flowers etc.)
Shop Kbird Landscaping/Pathways
Campsite Kbird
Library Ojemoji123 Landscaping/Pathways. See building page - Inspiration pics (less blocklike)
Zoo Ojemoji123 & ArmyBunny22 Landscaping/Pathways. See building page - Inspiration pics (less blocklike). Is this space animal friendly?
Pet Shop NotedSoup489865 Landscaping/Pathways. Hole in ground?
Village Houses (All) All MB participants Please remember that these are the houses NPC's live in. Keep in mind what size these houses may have been in the time period we are aiming for.
Bridge QueenofFaerie95 (Flynn)
Blacksmith QueenofFaerie95 (Flynn) Landscaping/Pathways. Indoors to reflect more of a blacksmith shop.
Community Centre MoranbahCoal Building to be completed. Landscaping/Pathways.
Bank ArmyBunny22
Temple seraphina_pekala Pathway
Underground Catacombs seraphina_pekala More pathways and areas to break blocks
Tavern seraphina_pekala Pathway
Barn & Fields QueenofFaerie95 (Codie)
Tree QueenofFaerie95 (Codie)

NPC's - Shops - Quest's

The below table is dedicated to the NPCs, Shops and Quests in Isaac Town.


  • Functions should include: Protect against Mobs & PvP
  • Have in their inventory a sword and a shield
  • Have a spawn point and one path point to come back to after fighting/dying
  • All guards should wear the same uniform: /npc skin –url https://i.imgur.com/222kB6c.png
(15) Plotmaster
(19) Luna - Temple Priestes Quest 7 Find Dion; Quest 17 Protect Luna
(20) Dion - Luna's son Quest 7 Find Dion
Guards See below Incomplete
(90) Michael - Storyteller Shop: Cartographer
(91) Bob the Manager
(92) Bob
(93) Gareth
(94) Clerk Sapphire Shop:
(96) Mary - Stefan's wife Shop: General
(97) Olvu
(98) Stefan - Mary's Husband
(99) Harald
(101) Dylan
(102) Rase Shop: Warrior, Miner Issue: Players cannot get to Rase
(103) Sergent Tyler
(134) Pub Owner Richard
(135) Flinty Shop: 'Farm Supplies'
(136) Librarian Prachi Shop
(137) Melissa Shop
(139) Sally “I am all sold out”
(144) Trainer Zane
(145) Jade
(147) Cynthia

If you have any questions relating to the Minecraft Master Builder program outlined above, please direct them to the section below. Please read our Comment Policy before commenting.

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Discussion and Q&A Section

Corinna Baerhold, 2021/04/09 08:35
Hello Everyone, who keeps building underground tunnels? Please get your builds here first approved before jumping in. I would hate to remove any of your hard work! - Thank you Seraphina
gus/moranbahcoal, 2021/03/15 16:15
I have done my house
Corinna Baerhold, 2021/04/08 12:55
Well done MoranbahCoal! Please keep going on the town hall, the build is awesome so far and I am looking forward to the completed project.
Kyle Markcrow (Kbird2105), 2021/03/15 16:05
I have completed both guard towers and would like to bring to attention that the campsite that I have built previously is an individual build on the edges of tine as I will likely use this as my sort-of "home base" and would like to make sure that nobody alters or destroys it.
Corinna Baerhold, 2021/04/08 12:54
Hello Kbird, is that the house outside of Isaac Town James mentioned at the beginning of todays (Thursday 8/04/2021) session? If it is then it is outside of the Isaac plane and I have no means to protect it. It is a free for all player zone, that had been generated automatically. If you want your house to be safe please build it on the Isaac plane, let me know which one it is and we can protect it from normal players (non Master Builders). Thank you.
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