Fusion 360

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Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is and Autodesk product for CAD CAM. It is free (as in beer) for students, educators and start-ups. Fusion360 is used by The Edge programming staff when parametric design is an important requirement of a delivery or engagement. We use parametric design to re-use designs, mainly changing material dimensions (thickness), tooling and design scaling.

For example of internal work done with fusion 360 check out.


Fusion 360 can be installed either with a web streamer (a small application that then downloads the full install) or from a full download. As the app is updated frequently, and most updates break backward compatibility we often have installs that are out of sync, leaving files un-openable. Fusion360 by default also installs for one user only.

For these reasons we recommend using the full admin install, and download the latest version which can always be found here1). Install it from an admin command prompt with;

  "Fusion 360 Admin Install.exe" --globalinstall  

learning Fusion

Autodesk has a comprehensive curriculum for learning fusion360.

Tips and Tricks

Parametric Design

The tips to successful parameter usage, that is avoiding the dreaded “Over Constrained” errors.

Make sure that your parameters are controlling only a single dimension at a time. For example - a rectangle that has a length, width is fine. But if you add a curve with a radius that intersects two edges, and then dimension that curves radius… you have a problem because the radius limits how far apart the sides can be.

For more detailed instructions on lab usage consult this document. advanced_fusion360_lab_installation_instructions_en-gb.pdf
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