Multicam M-2412

Multicam M-2412

CNC Router is a computer controlled version of the handheld router. It is used for cutting and hollowing shapes in hard materials - timber, plastics, aluminum. The CNC (computer numeric controlled) allows this machine to cut precise, repeatable, quick and efficient copies of a design.

The Edge's M-2412 is manufactured locally in Brisbane by Multicam CNC and features:

  • A2MC Controller
  • ELTE COLLET ER32 - 3HP Spindle with max speed of 18000RPM
  • Vacuum Machine Bed
  • Multicam Vision System
  • 5 hp Dust Extractor

Other Upgrades Available

  • Oscillating and Tangential Knife
  • Pneumatic Tool Changer
  • Mist Sprayer

Parts of the machine

CNC Safety


CNC Router Operations

The Edge has developed a CNC Router Operations e-manual in order to safely and efficiently promote public engagement with this piece of equipment.

→

Design to Cut

This page covers all the methods currently used and endorsed for use on the CNC. Each flow goes through:

  • Design - where shapes are generated
  • Preparation for Cutting
  • NC (numerical code) generation

In some workflows, this may involve two or more software applications. For example - DXF files generated in Illustrator may need to be modified or re-exported from Corel Draw or Fusion360. To test or recommend workflows, please use the CAM Software Testing page.


Mick Byrne, 2017/07/24 14:19 has a reference to all the NC codes

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