Multicam Commissioning

Multicam Commissioning

Documents the installation and commissioning of the CNC.


WEDNESDAY 22 June Members of the program team (Peter, Phil Andrei & Mick) did some brainstorming to identify some of the key tasks, frameworks and challenges around getting our new CNC machine installed, commissioned and engaging members of the community to experiment and productively use this new plant.

As a leaping off point we tried to identify all the tasks that need to be consider/ completed before the edge can begin delivering the 12 inductions and Cubby house project we are committed to running before tHe end of the 2016 Calendar year.

Inductions are due to start (and are booked into the calendar - soon to be promoted) in Mid september. The Cubby house needs to start around the same time if cubbies are to be completed for xmas delivery. working back from these 2 milestones we were able to identify

  • a series of questions/ challenges and
  • tasks with rough deadlines

Hopefully this will provide the detail required to draft a project plan which may or may not be formatted using SLQ processes.

Questions - Challenges

  • What level of supervision do we need for this machine?
  • How are we going to manage competing supervision priorities especially considering the loss of the dedicated FLS position?
  • the aim is to increase our open lab hours to 5 days a week. Given the level of supervision required for the CNC is it feasible to extend this greater span of hours to the use of the CNC also?
  • What materials are we going to encourage the use of on the machine?
  • How much material are we going to go thru and what variety will we offer?
  • How are we going to receive, handle and store these materials?
  • How will we approach selling these materials, consumables (cutting tools)?
  • What are the various task required in the installation of the machine
  • Whats the comms plan to support this project


Staff Training

  • Appropriate Cad platform(s) ( Fusion 360? what else?)
  • Designing for CNC - all the trick and tips to make CNC effecient, tidy, professional
  • Machine Use
  • Work Flows


  • Risk Assessment
  • Safe Work Instructions
  • Identify dimensions of competency Levels 1, 2, & 3
  • Draft Induction materials and instruments Levels 1, 2, & 3
  • Test run induction
  • procure/ install safety equipment ( sound protection, fire protection, breathing protection.)

Establish Workflows procedures

  • run a series of test projects (bulk shelving, arcade cabinet, test doll house battle).
  • see machines running in other contexts (Griffith, RMIT, the Trophy Place)

The official manual has no mention of:

  1. Order of machine operations.
  2. Bed calibration
  3. tool change
  4. tool calibration
  5. interaction between enroute and machine

Building on Experience

Using our experience of commissioning the Laser as a guide we can project the type of use and level of booking we'll experience in the first 6 months.

Over the first 6 months we have programed 12 inductions each with 6 participants. Based on previous uptake we'd expect bookings to slowly grow to about 20 per month fortnight.

If we stick with 3x 2hr bookings a day x 3 days a week there are 9 sessions a week and 36 sessions / month

Commission Part Two

Since the meeting I have though of a few more things and it coalesced into three different sub projects in my mind. i gone dun a diagram.

i've left space in it for you guys to add to it. so let me know what you think

I've started trello boards to track progress in each of these sections, with the aim of feeding it back in here once we are done.




Here is a Timeline based on stuff we discussed in our Planning meeting 07/07/2016


CNC Research

A place for generic research notes related to CNC routing

→


Here is our Part One : PRE-INSTALLATION discussion, summarized by Mick, and his Part Two : Post Installation.

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