Hunger Games at The Deception Bay Library (Aug 3rd 2017)

This activity was designed as a soft entry for the Deception Bay Flexible Learning Centre, to introduce the students to the library environment and a range of tasks that can lead to future learning. Groups will follow clues around the library using iPads, compasses and kits of resources to help answer a question. When the correct answer is found, the directions to the next station are given.

Materials needed

MBRC already has a Hunger Games kit available which included:

• Compasses, list of missions, clue sheets and iPads

• Ensure all the iPads are charged

Identify how and where the “stations” are to be located in the library.

Our kits allow us to have three teams with three people in each.


• More stations - this would be for larger libraries

• Spiel about the book for those who have not read it

• Quick info talk to how to use a compass

• Follow up session/ activities - Orienteering course, Coding, QR making

This activity could be held outside to allow for more stations and a variety of orienteering skills.

This activity could be adapted to suit other books/movies themes

Our session took two hours to complete - this will change depending on number and size of groups.

Each group should have a supervisor to assist with the challenges and keeping the kids on task.

Each group would be best limited to 4 so that each person gets to help out with solving the clues.

Reflection Deception bay

This activity worked well with the students as it kept them engaged, promoted teamwork and discussing the new clues and resources helped with problem solving and life skills.

We had a group of six – good size. This idea could be run without the book connection. It was hard if the kids had not read the book.


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